Case/Tray Loading Machines

Innomation has developed and deployed a variety of case/tray loading equipment. From flexible products such as pouches or bags that need to be collated and wrapped inside a carton to rigid products such as beverage cans that need to be loaded onto trays before shrink wrapping. Our range of equipment can be customized to suit your needs.


Automatic case erection/tray forming

Merging of outputs from multiple primary packaging machines to a single case/tray loader

Flexible modular collation systems that can handle almost any collation matrix

Integrated check weighing systems

Optional wrap around carton/tray forming with hotmelt or cold glue modules

Optional interlocking case/tray forming modules

Integrated vision based quality inspection systems on both primary and secondary stations

Optional fully integrated taping/strapping modules

Our range of case/tray loading equipment is built as a modular platform to accommodate almost all varieties of packaging configuration and consumable specifications. Each of these modules is thoroughly tested to ensure maximum reliability.