Line-Layout Planning Process

Innomation assists manufacturers in developing automated production line layouts that are designed to meet throughput and performance requirements. The process starts by considering the manufacturer’s objectives and initial conceptual drawings and then developing an approach that is optimized for performance, safety, and reliability.

Innomation performs in-depth onsite analysis using the latest equipment to map your existing plant layout and utility provisions before developing the required production layouts that maximize space utilization, minimize man and material movement while meeting or exceeding government regulations and industry standards. This detailed and comprehensive approach results in line layouts that maximize productivity, reliability, safety, ergonomics, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.



Conduct a detailed review of line requirements and performance targets.


Facility Review

Perform a detailed review of the physical facility.



Identify safety, maintenance, hygiene, and other requirements.


Creating Plant Layout

Obtain standard machinery and equipment layouts and superimpose on the plant layout creating multiple options.



Evaluation options in terms of industry standards, cost, space utilization, man and material movement and select the optimal layout.

Line-Layout Planning – Deliverables

Detailed automation line layout plan

Recommended technologies

Integration flow chart

Budget and project plan