Sachet Packing Machines

Many products such as tea, coffee, sugar, candies, etc., are primarily packaged into sachets or stick wraps. This type of packaging is usually of very low weight and is meant for one time use by consumers. Due to inherently low product per package ratio, the production volumes and speeds are considerably higher than traditional packaging processes in order to meet economies of scale. Moreover, lower product weight per package also places stringent tolerances on accuracy of filling and other quality control parameters.

Innomation has developed and patented a unique alternating vacuum and pressure dosing system that has many inherent advantages to the traditional gravity-based volumetric stick wrapping/sachet packaging machinery which is currently ubiquitous in the market.

Some of the inherent advantages of alternating vacuum and pressure dosing systems are

Higher Weight Accuracy

Alternating vacuum and pressure dosing systems achieve much higher weight accuracies by preventing clumping of cohesive materials during filling. This is due to lack of scraping systems used in volumetric dosing systems that cause shear forces, which lead to clumping of cohesive materials. Moreover, these scrapers are prone to considerable wear and tear requiring frequent replacements.

Higher Throughput

Alternating vacuum and pressure dosing systems can reach much higher speeds when compared to traditional gravity-based volumetric dosing systems.

Higher Productivity

Alternating vacuum and pressure dosing are inherently jam-free, thereby preventing clogging of narrow filling tubes used for small sachets/stick wraps. This considerably increases the efficiency of machines. Our machines generally come with an assured OEE of 95% or higher.

Moreover, our sachet packaging machines are loaded with multiple features that considerably increase their reliability, user-friendliness, and return on investment. Some of these features are

Automatic Roll Changeover & Splice

Dual roll automatic splicer enabling continuous production. The spliced section is automatically rejected ensuring perfect quality output.

Automatic Slitting & Cleaning Systems

Automatic slitting and cleaning systems for multi row packaging machines.

Control Systems

Servo based, high precision tension control systems with an accuracy of ± 0.02g that can handle ultra thin non woven webs.

Machine Vision

Vision-based quality control and automatic rejection systems that ensure only the best products reach your customers. Moreover, many machine parameters are interlinked with the vision system to ensure automatic correction of quality defects.

We’ve taken great care in ensuring that our sachet packaging equipment is truly a notch above the equipment currently available in the market. For more information, please contact us with your product and throughput requirements.