Custom Built Automation Solutions

Since our inception in 2005, we at Innomation have actively sought out challenging automation requirements and have successfully deployed a wide variety of one of a kind solutions. We’ve worked with sectors as diverse as

Satellite Communication

Engineering Components





Our cross-sectoral R&D expertise helps us develop out of the box solutions that set new benchmarks in productivity & quality.  Many of these solutions today are a part of our product portfolio.

Our objective of being an “Equipment Lifecycle Partner” is best demonstrated with our approach towards R&D projects. Beginning with identifying automation opportunities followed by prototyping, validation, and feasibility studies, we work with our clients in identifying the best areas to automate in order to reach their business goals and ROI targets. Post this, we build and deploy the equipment after extensive testing, sometimes lasting months at our facilities during which we simulate all possible deviations and failure scenarios to ensure that our equipment not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Our service and support team with dedicated personnel for each installation further improves the ease of implementing the automation at our client’s factory. This inclusive approach helps us maximize ROI for our clients and ourselves. An example of our R&D automation capabilities is described below.

Plant Automation-Specialized Conveying Systems

Our Solution

Plastic cups called pucks are distributed on demand to each of the 24 sachet machines which deposit the required quantity of sachets into the empty pucks. The “filled” pucks are first conveyed to a buffering zone and then sequentially moved towards the secondary packaging machine where they are perfectly synchronized with the secondary packaging machine before being overturned on top of an empty pouch to empty their contents and then the empty pucks are conveyed back and distributed among the sachet packaging machines.

Multiple sensing stations coupled with a servo based motion control system ensures that the entire line is always balanced no matter how many primary packaging machines are running, or their instantaneous throughput.

This new and innovative approach increased their entire plant’s productivity by more than 3x while drastically improving quality and reducing manpower. 

Whether it comes to machines or conveyors or robotic systems, Innomation (an abbreviation for Innovative-Automation) continues to push the technological boundaries and set new benchmarks for productivity, efficiency, and quality.