New Technology Evaluation

Innomation helps manufacturers test and evaluate automation technology before investments are made. The intent is to make sure the right technology is purchased and deployed, eliminating the risk of performance deficiencies and additional costs once the machinery is installed. During the evaluation process, the technology is assessed from various perspectives.

Does the machinery meet the performance and productivity requirements?

How does the machinery fit into the existing layout?

How will the machinery integrate with existing automation equipment?

Does the machine meet or exceed the safety and hygiene standards?

How will the machinery be serviced if there are issues?

Can the existing operational and maintenance manpower handle the new technology?

Are existing utilities sufficient? Does the machine need any special precautions or back-ups?

Can the machine handle existing deviations in terms of quality & throughput of upstream equipment?


Technology Evaluation

Overall evaluation of technology based on requirements and performance targets.



Comprehensive factory acceptance testing.



Induced failure testing.


Risk Assessment

Risk assessment of potential variables.


Mechatronics Evaluation

Comprehensive mechatronics integrability evaluation.

New Technology Evaluation - Deliverables

Recommendations on whether to purchase the equipment

A detailed explanation of potential risks

Alternatives, if any